High-resolution spectroscopic investigation of the CH$_2$CHO radical in the sub-millimeter region

We report a spectroscopic investigation of the vinoxy radical (CH2CHO) in the millimeter and sub-millimeter-wave domain.

Terahertz molecular water laser using quantum cascade laser pumping

We report the demonstration of a THz water laser.

Astronomical CH$_3^+$ rovibrational assignments. A combined theoretical and experimental study validating observational findings in the d203-506 UV-irradiated protoplanetary disky

We report a comprehensive rovibrational assignments of the 7 µm features of CH3+, guided by theoretical and experimental laboratory techniques.

Frequency stable and low phase noise THz synthesis for precision spectroscopy

We report a approach to generate a continuously tunable, low phase noise, Hz linewidth and mHz/s stability THz emission in the 0.1 THz to 1.4 THz range.

Searches for bridged bicyclic molecules in Space - Norbornadiene and its cyano derivatives

We report a spectroscopic investigation and interstellar searches of norbornadiene and its cyano derivatives.

Formation of the Methyl Cation by Photochemistry in a Protoplanetary Disk

We report on the interstellar discovery of CH3+ toward a protoplanetary disk in the Orion star-forming region using JWST observations.

Insights into the molecular structure and infrared spectrum of the prebiotic species aminoacetonitrile

We report a thorough spectroscopic and structural characterization of aminoacetonitrile.

A rotational investigation of the three isomeric forms of cyanoethynylbenzene (HCC-C$_6$H$_4$-CN): benchmarking experiments and calculations using the ''Lego brick'' approach

We report a joint experimental and theoretical study of three structural isomers of phenylpropiolonitrile, namely ortho-, meta-, and para-cyanoethynylbenzene.

The bending of C$_3$: Experimentally probing the $l$-type doubling and resonance

We report a joint rovibronic and rovibrational study of C3.

Pure rotational spectroscopy of the CH$_2$CN radical extended to the sub-millimeter wave spectral region

We present a thorough pure rotational investigation of the CH2CN radical in its ground vibrational state.